LDB DUEL is the home for premium products for the trading card gamer.  This includes our signature deck boxes, our hard case vegan leather box, sleeves, belts and a growing range of products for people who play Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokémon, Magic the Gathering and many other card games.

Our goal is to make products that let people express who they really are. We're always adding something new, so stay in touch with us on Instagram, or sign up for our newsletter!

All of our products are designed by our owner, Tristan Rousset. The brand got started when Tristan began to his own design of leather deck boxes online from his Ottawa, Canada home in 2015. His view was that he needed a secure and stylish place for his trading cards. This soon provided a part-time income, and now LDB Duel, and products from its sister brands LDB Outlet and Werebi Day are sold online across the world in over a hundred countries. Tristan recently qualified as a BDC Futurepreneur and has been an Ontario Summer Jobs Entrepreneur.


Tristan Rousset 

LDB Duel Owner + Product Designer

Likes to play children’s card games (and loudly overreact to every play). Combined with his crafty side, it was only natural that he built the first belted Leather Deck Box in 2015 to duel with. Fast-forward a few years, he got his engineering degree and now wields it to make accessories for your favorite cards. His life goal is to be the one-stop shop for uniquely designed and custom printed gaming accessories!

Devin Calow

Digital Marketing Lead / Photographer / Videographer / Editor

Born a simple farmer, he ventured into the big city to hone his creative interests. Graduating with a degree for media production he then immediately pivoted his skills into a passion for photography. When he's not using his camera you can find him on a quest to catch em' all as the self proclaimed top Pokémon trainer in his region!

John Carlo Del Rio

Graphic Artist

His inspiration for his arts is the anime and cartoons that he watched when he was a child. While in college, studying to be a Civil Engineer in the Philippines, he taught himself how to use graphic design software, like photoshop and illustrator. He then used this skill to have a part time job while studying and still continues his passion in graphic design all while working with a construction company.