Your deck deserves to be protected with beauty, toughness and luxury! In other words your deck deserves our Mach 3 deck box! This model is printed with our LDB Duel exclusive Crystal Beast art! Includes a soft, cloth interior and smooth faux leather exterior. This tough design is the ultimate deck box for any TCG.
USD 39.99

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Storage Capacity

Deck and dice trays for the best protection of up to 100 double- sleeved cards.

High Quality Product
High quality smooth faux leather exterior & soft cloth-covered interior.
Durable Frames.
Detachable and strong magnetic lid that can be removed and attached to the backside of the box.


The moment I got this, I immediately fell in love with it. Extremely well made and the print looks like part of the material, as if it won't come off at all. Magnets are strong, drawers are satisfying to remove, and lots of space for the cards and some dice. Definitely recommend this item, and I will be purchasing another one of these soon.
David -Etsy
HakunaMyData -Youtube
This deck box is awesome. I’m definitely going to get another for my other decks.
Justin Hesterman -Etsy
Wonderfull quality, fits my decks nicely, and had a super adorable token with it!
ScooterDope -Etsy

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USD 39.99

Print Design Requirements!

You can download our free guide which includes an outline of the Mach 3 lid, to scale. Or use the dimensions in this image

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