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Our belts don't crack or peel! They come in a variety of 8 colors and sizes, from kids to extra large.

Check out Yugi's belt too! All from LDB Duel!

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Do you want to look like Yugi Muto? Buy our exclusive yugi's belt replica! Only in LDB Duel. - yugi Yami - atem - yugioh gx - yugioh zexal - yugioh 5ds - yugioh Arc-v , yugioh sevens - yugioh vrains
Yugi's Belt Replica
  • $45.00
Tan Belt Leather Yugi LDB Duel
Leather Belt - Tan
  • $47.00
Light Brown LDB Duel Leather Belt yugi
Leather Belt - Light Brown
  • $47.00
Chocolate Brown Leather Belt LDB Duel
Leather Belt - Chocolate
  • $47.00
Brown Leather Belt Front Yugioh LDB Duel
Leather Belt - Brown
  • $47.00
black leather belt LDB Duel ygo
Leather Belt - Black
  • $47.00