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Cool stuff to show your TCG love! Pick one of our designs, or reach out to us to make it custom!

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Do you want to look like Yugi Muto? Buy our exclusive yugi's belt replica! Only in LDB Duel. - yugi Yami - atem - yugioh gx - yugioh zexal - yugioh 5ds - yugioh Arc-v , yugioh sevens - yugioh vrains
Yugi's Belt Replica
  • $45.00
Black mug featuring many monster cards from the cyber dragon archetype. Only at LDB Duel
Cyber Dragon - 15oz Ceramic Mug
  • From $25.00
15 oz mug featuring 3 Blue Eyes white dragons by LDB Duel!
Triple Blue Dragon Full Wrap - 15oz Ceramic Mug
  • From $25.00
Tan Belt Leather Yugi LDB Duel
Leather Belt - Tan
  • $47.00
black leather belt LDB Duel ygo
Leather Belt - Black
  • $47.00
Light Brown LDB Duel Leather Belt yugi
Leather Belt - Light Brown
  • $47.00
Chocolate Brown Leather Belt LDB Duel
Leather Belt - Chocolate
  • $47.00
Brown Leather Belt Front Yugioh LDB Duel
Leather Belt - Brown
  • $47.00
Black Leather Wallet LDB Duel
Leather Wallet
  • $81.00
Magician girl 15 oz mug inspired by the Yu-Gi-Oh TCG. By LDB Duel!
Magician Girl - 15oz Ceramic Mug
  • From $25.00
Suship Mug by LDB Duel! White 15oz mug featuring many different types of sushi.
Suship - 15oz Ceramic Mug
  • From $25.00
Spider mug by LDB Duel! Black rim 15oz size.
Spider Creature - 15 oz Ceramic Mug
  • From $25.00
White Kuriboh mug. Featuring a bunch of fun Kuribohs in the forest playing card games. By LDB Duel.
Kuri Family - 15oz Ceramic Mug
  • From $25.00
Right sided handle Mug of the Blue eyes white dragon from Yu-Gi-Oh by LDB Duel.
Blue Eyes - 15oz Ceramic Mug
  • $25.00
The Red Demon Dragon's scales were a brilliant scarlet, shimmering like rubies in the sunlight. Its wings spanned wide, casting a shadow that could darken entire villages.
Red Demon / Devil - 15 oz Ceramic Mug
  • From $25.00